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Google trick

Here is a tip to define how fresh results do you want to have when googling pages.

Start by clicking the link below link:

Link to Google search

Now in the ULR notice the entry: mywords. Replace this word with a phrase as you would do in a normal Google search. e.g.

"used ford mustang nevada".

You can use all the tips and tricks that you have learned to search data in Google: -, NOT, etc.

You should now get results with your own filtered not older that 1 day (=24hours).

Next, lets notice a string qdr: at the resulting addressbar. This is the part that filtered the results to 1 day. Soon after qdr there is a time parameter d1, that you can also change (d=day, h=hours, n=minutes, s=second) depending how fresh results you want to have. The letter d,h,n,s defines the unit and with the number you can set the age of the documents according to the unit that you chose.

Here an example:

No more than 10 minutes older results: (...qdr:n10...)

Last modified on August 19 2015

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Time parameters for Google search

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